Reinventing Online Learning:

Teaching smart professionals how to digitize their expertise, make a living, and participate in online learning in the next normal.


Converting what you know into an online course is probably the best way to monetize your expertise.

Unfortunately, most online courses are simply online videos that do not follow the fundamentals of online course design.

Besides, with change accelerating at unprecedented speed, the only way individuals can stay relevant is to learn fast. However, the way we currently teach (and learn) is broken.

Lastly, most course creators aren’t marketers. As a result, most have trouble selling their online courses or turning their online courses into a lead generation tool.

Here’s why you need to create a Catalytic Course.


A great online course has one purpose — helps your learners get results and then some.

When your learners get results from your courses, they will become raving fans. Also, they are more likely to become prospects eager to do business with you.

Like a catalyst, your online course will set off a series of events that help your learners and your bottom line.

To create a Catalytic Course, you must first understand how professionals learn in the next normal.

The approaches you will learn here will have you covered in online course design that is research-based and field-tested.


Get free access to research-based and field-tested material to help you create Catalytic Courses.

1. Framework for Online Course Design

The single greatest challenge that faces anyone who learns online is this—motivation. The Framework for Catalytic Courses guides you in designing online courses that keep your learners motivated to learn. You will learn how to engage them in the ABC — affective, behavioral, and cognitive domains.

2. Results-Focused Curriculum

Andragogy is the method and practice of teaching of adult learners. The motivation behind adult learners is results-focused. Which is why your online courses must help your learners achieve what they want—results. At the same time, that will also help you achieve what you want—profit.

3. Learning as the Catalyst

When your learners have completed your online course, it is not the end of their relationship with you. In fact, that’s the beginning of a relationship built on trust and affinity. With your course as the catalyst, your learners will be eager to know how else you can help them.

Get started on your journey

Here are two paths you can choose.

Catalytic Course Academy

If you are wondering if creating online courses is the best way to monetize your expertise, then browse the Catalytic Course Academy for superior educational content and find out for yourself if this is the path you want to take.

Catalytic Course Community

If you are ready to monetize your expertise by creating online courses, join the Catalytic Course Community where you’ll be able to ask questions, interact with like-minded professionals and make progress on your goals.